Artemis works with artists at USC to bring feminist creative works to life.

All students at USC are welcome to pitch us their ideas.


Virgin creek

Creators: Lina Rehbein

Head Producers: Leslie Huang, Selin Yalcinkaya

Virgin Creek, ART/EMIS’s immersive theater piece, is a deeply feminine and intersectional story about the faith, love, and memories that shaped your childhood. Sometimes to make peace with your past, you have to face it head on. This story features two women with a lot of history and love for each other, and is about discovering what it means to love as well as what it means to lose that love and connection. We live in a deeply lonely time, where we are trying to relearn how to touch another human being. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that our time is scarce and out of our control. Virgin Creek asks its audience to confront this, and find a way to move on.


Next in Line: A Fashion Experience

Creators: Lina Rehbein

Head Producers: Claire Lee, Annie Zheng

Next in Line: A Fashion Experience was a one night only fashion show that featured 13 looks designed by our team of student designers. These looks focused on deconstructing Eurocentric ideals of royalty and hierarchies and reimagined in different communities, such as a genderbending overall look that reimagines agricultural social power, a festival outfit that pokes fun at influencer royalty, and a chained knight look inspired by Zendaya’s met gala ball to place traditional white saviorism onto black bodies. Check out their Instagram here.

Untitled design.png

Space gays

Creators: Aria Schuler

Illustrators: Futo Wada, Adeline Wang, Taylor Woods

Head Producers: Selin Yalcinkaya, Eloise Rollins Fife

Space Gays is a comic book exploring the queer relationship model and the irrational conflict-resolution process when it comes to love, all while providing an action-packed space adventure. Read it here.

Be Honest

Creators: Phoebe Lai

Head Producers: Brooke Elkjer

"Be Honest." is a YouTube series that aims to offer a voice to all USC students. By asking meaningful questions, with the benefit of anonymity, we create a space where students feel comfortable exploring their emotions, experiences, and thoughts. Check out our videos here. 

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Creators: Rafi Animashaun 

Head Producers: Wendy Hui & Katherine Montes

Ameri-Kinda is an original web-series that details the lives of a multicultural college friend group, following their personal challenges and often awkward experiences of what it means to be enough in their social circles. It is a coming-of-age story where culture and personality clash to create perfectly unique college experiences.



Creators: Alexandra Miller

Head Producers: Eloise Rollins-Fife

A collection of Quarantine stories produced by USC students. Link for website can be found here.



Creators: Elizabeth Schuetzel 

Head Producers: Wendy Hui, Abigail Swoap, & Selin Yalcinkaya 

Premiered February 2020 

Femme is a verbatim theatre piece that explores the complicated intersection of queer identity and femininity. The performance created a space for queer students at USC to explore these intersections of femininity and identity, and provided opportunities and community for a group of students at USC who often feel invisible.

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The sophisticated woman

Creators: Mona Johnson & Ursula Bowling 

Head Producers: Wendy Hui 

Tune in for the Premiere Event Fall 2020

The process of getting dressed is an intimate ritual that women perform on a daily basis. This short film captured the change in style over generations by following a young woman and grown woman preparing for their day, reclaiming the elegance and sophistication of independent and powerful women in power-suits.



Creators: Vince Dixon &  Alyssa Callahan

Producers: Justine Chen, Sydney Coleman

Currently on a Festival Run

When a neat freak with a messy college roommate finds a singing frog living under his sink, he’s forced to endure what he fears most: confrontation. In this short movie musical, comedy is spun from the absurdity of toxic masculinity.


Creator: Huiyeon Eim

Producer: Val Tan

Premiered April 2019

This is a photography-based project to address the frustrating gender dynamics on campus at USC. It will represent diverse groups across race, gender, sexual identity, and social positioning within the USC ecosystem. Huiyeon Eim will explore the expectations of college culture and our efforts to fit in.

77 cents: a comedy  extravaganza

Creator: Wendy Hui

Producers: Ellen Murray, Abigail Swoap

Premiered September 2018

77 Cents: A Comedy Extravaganza is an all-womxn comedy show to highlight marginalized talent in USC's overwhelmingly male comedy scene.

MUSIC VIDEo for "i don't" BY MOTHER

Creator: Bella Shary, Kayla Cummings

Producers: Tiah Barnes, Sydney Coleman, Taylor Kass

MOTHER is an all-female band of USC students, many of them women of color and queer people, that’s releasing their first EP in October of 2018. First time directors Bella Shary and Kayla Cummings are working with Artemis to produce a music video for MOTHER’s song, “I Don’t,” which will be their first music video.


Creator: Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua

Producers: Sydney Coleman, Maya Tellez

Premiered March 29, 2018

Mirror, Mirror is a 5-episode digital web series about four girls of varying backgrounds, identities, and beliefs conflicting with each other and their identities over the course of election day in their high school girl's bathroom. The series is written and directed by Business of Cinematic Arts (2019) student Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua, an award-winning writer and producer.


Creator: Shannon Delijani

Producer: Ellen Murray

Premiered March 29, 2018

Lived and Loved is a multimedia performance of a classical opera text, Fraunliebe und Leben. It follows a woman through her relationship with her husband, but reclaims the male-written text by an accompanying film element that further develops the woman at the center of it all. Finally giving this character the depth she deserves, Lived and Loved is an exercise in taking control of the narrative.


Creator: Tamzin Elliott

Producer: Maya Tellez, Ellen Murray

Ran February 2018​

Allways is a text-performance based on the letters of Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, and her close friend Dorothy Freeman, who she came to know and love in the last ten years of her life. It examines the incredible line between friend and beloved that these two women walked, putting a magnifying glass to their special relationship as well as our own conceptions of love in female friendships. The project is called "Allways" after the special sign-off they used in the letters to each other, intentionally spelled incorrectly to imbue more meaning.


Creator: Ellie Soloman

Producer: Val Tan

Why can't elves be black? Who says all worlocks are cis and straight? D&Diversity explores the social norms of the fantasy genres through photography. The captivating images produced by artistic director Ellie Solomon, a USC costume designer, empower models to be whoever and whatever they want to be in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


Creator: Iona Mischie

Producer: Justine Chen

Currently in Post-Production

In a playground where children have the power to reshape the social and political reality we will live in, what will they do? Iona Mischie empowers children to imagine a future in which they would feel comfortable to exist. Their visions are discussed and archived in a digital, playful documentary film.


Creator: Deja McCauley

Producers: Jenn Cho, Kathy Stocker

Premiered May 6th at Artemis' Playhouse

Human Freedoms is a short film by Deja McCauley that explores the ways black and brown bodies create spaces for ourselves. It premiered at Artemis' Playhouse, a block party to create a celebratory safe space. Playhouse highlighted the Ujasiri zine, a live painting, video games, a dance party, short film screenings, an art gallery, and much more.


Producers: Maya Tellez, Kathy Stocker

Premiered December 2, 2016

Artemis' inaugural project was an all-female staged reading of Shakespeare's most male play, The Tempest. Featuring women of all identities, the show challenged preconceived notions of gender and performance.