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Captain marvel 

March, 2019

ARTEMIS teamed up with Marvel x Disney to promote Captain Marvel. In honor of Carol Danver's badass origin story, we brought USC's best womxn performers together for a cabaret at USC Tommy's Place.

dndiversity character workshop

April, 2018

To celebrate our photo series to encourage and celebrate diversity within the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Artemis hosted a workshop that guided participants through the construction of their own Dungeons & Dragons characters.


April, 2018

Artemis hosted Commissioner Jessica Postigo and Commissioner Nancy Perlman of the Los Angeles City Commission on the Status of Women and Detective Lina Teague of the LAPD Trafficking Division to discuss the Look Again campaign that raises awareness of LA’s sex trafficking epidemic and hosted in-depth discussion of sex trafficking in LA and voices fighting to end it. Learn more here:


March, 2018

On March 29th in SCA 110, Artemis premiered it's very first digital project, Mirror Mirror with a screening of the entire 5-episode series and a Q&A with writer-director Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua, moderated by one of the project's Artemis producers, Sydney Coleman.


February, 2018

Artemis' immersive theater piece ALLWAYS went up in February of 2018. Created by Thornton School of Music graduate student, Tamzin Elliot, the show explored the intimate relationship between famous conservationist Rachel Carson and her close friend Dorothy Freeman. Inviting the audience to step into the decade-long letter exchange between these two women, incorporating music and dance to explore female friendship and intimacy. Read more about our show here .


February, 2018

Artemis collaborated with USC Own It, an all-day women's empowerment summit to build a 6x8 foot flower wall for the event. The Artemis board came together to build this beautiful wall and had the opportunity to table during lunchtime at the summit to meet conference goers and tell them about what we do!

artemis x wca join the los angeles women's march

January, 2018

For the second year in a row, Artemis took a group of students to the historic Women's March in Downtown Los Angeles. This year, we collaborated with the Women of Cinematic Arts (WCA) to build community across campus and increase our reach.


September, 2017

At our first event of our second year, we got together with members of our community to express our frustration with the political climate and actions of the Trump administration. Taking to the streets with chalk, we wrote out messages of resistance, affirmation, and solidarity to find community despite the uneasiness of our present moment.

PLAYHOUSE: A study break and art show

May, 2017

Playhouse was Artemis' end-of-year event that brought together a number of amazing artists from around the USC community. Featuring a short-film premiere, live painting, musical performances, video game stall, and a dance floor, Playhouse was the perfect place to wind down during finals season.


April, 2017

In a joint event with the African American Cinema Society, Artemis hosted MACRO's Senior Vice President of Production and Development, Poppy Hanks, for a one-on-one Q&A. Discussing digital media, diversity in Hollywood, and more, Hanks shed light on what it's like to be a senior executive at an innovative media company. 


April, 2017

Combatting the male-dominated improv scene at USC, Artemis partnered with Amanda Fein and Alice Winn, professional improv artists, to create an environment where women could explore this artform for themselves. 

Girl, snubbed film festival

February, 2017

Artemis collaborated with cinematic arts fraternity, Delta Kappa Alpha, to host a film festival to celebrate women directors in Hollywood. Just a day before the Oscars, we screened 5 films directed by women from many different backgrounds and artistic visions.

artemis joins the women's 
march on lOS ANGELES

January, 2017

The day after Trump's inauguration, Artemis joined the historic demonstration that happened in many cities across the country. In Los Angeles, over 750,000 people gathered in Pershing Square to protest for peace and equal rights.

We are a recognized student organization at the University of Southern California.